There shall be Full Members and Associate Members and Honorary Members and the society shall undertake appropriate activities.The full members shall have the voting rights.

A. Full membership: Admission to Full Membership shall be restricted to:

 (i) Those neurologist (MD or its equivalent) having a training in Neurointervention at home/ abroad and active in the field of Neurointervention (actively doing diagnostic and or therapeutic Neurointerventional procedures).   

Applications for “Full Membership” shall be seconded by a full member only. The application will be screened by the Executive Committee. Approved applicants will be required to pay membership fees and will enjoy the rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote, to serve on committees, and to hold any position in the society.

B. Associate membership: “Associate Membership” shall be open to:  

    1. Those are in full time practice of any branch of Neurological Sciences.
    2. Registered postgraduate students pursuing their academic activities in the specialty of neurology or allied specialties.

Associate members shall be proposed and seconded by full members only. The application will be screened by executive committee and admitted as associate member if applicant fulfils the criteria.

Associate members would take part in all activities of the society by presentation of papers at the meeting, participation in discussions, or in publication of papers in the journal of society etc. and shall have all the privileged of membership, except that they shall not have the voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold any office of the society.

C. Honorary membership: The society shall maintain a “Honorary Membership” to be designated to:

    1. Any senior neurologist who have outstanding contribution in either in the field of Neurology of who have facilitated the field of Neurointervention at home or abroad.

Nomination for Honorary Membership can be made in writing by any full member to the Secretary General. Conferment of membership will be proposed by the Executive Committee at a General Assembly and must be confirmed by a simple majority of voting members. Honorary members will have all the rights and privileges of full membership of the Federation