The name of the society shall be “Bangladesh Society of Stroke & Neurointervention (BSSNI)”.

Mission and Vision of the Society


    1. To uphold the specialty of Neurointervention in Bangladesh.
    2. To co-ordinate work of Neurointervention within the country.
    3. To co-ordinate relations between Neurointervention and general neurology and with other specialties of neurosciences.  
    4. To promote development of standard training in Neurointervention at home and to ensure that standards of training and certification in Interventional neurology are maintained.
    5. To encourage and help fresh neurology graduate in this field of Neurointervention and help them getting standard training at home or abroad.
    6. To promote relationships and collaborate with Neurointervention societies outside Bangladesh.
    7. To maintain close association and co-operation among those devoting full time to the practice of Neurointervention.
    8. To maintain the highest standard in the ethics and practice of this specialty.
    9. To develop, promote, and coordinate international programs through national organizations.
    10. To assist with and encourage programs when requested by a national organization
    11. To participate in, and promote programs for, regional and world congresses
    12. To foster the development of an international communications system by encouraging regional activities of organizations, stroke networks, foundations and federations, as they operate within the goals and objectives of the Society
Methods of achieving the purposes of the Society

The Society shall:

  1. Hold a scientific meeting every year at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee.
  2. Organize educational courses/symposia/workshops in vascular & interventional neurology.
  3. Award prizes or make scientific awards for work aimed at these purposes.
  4. Promote publication of an official journal and other appropriate documents.
  5. To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants or contributions in kind and cash from any person or persons, associations, societies companies, authority or Govt. for the furtherance of the aims and objects of the society, in its absolute discretion as it may think fit.
  6. Promote training of individuals for Neurointervention fellowship at home and abroad.
  7. Organize fellowship training on Neurointervention in Bangladesh in collaboration with the International faculties and reputed Universities.
Office of the society

The principal office of the society shall be in Dhaka or in other places where Neurointervention is practiced and as decided by the executive committee.


There shall be Full Members and Associate Members and Honorary Members and the society shall undertake appropriate activities.The full members shall have the voting rights.

A.Full membership: Admission to Full Membership shall be restricted to:

 (i) Those neurologist (MD or its equivalent) having a training in Neurointervention at home/ abroad and active in the field of Neurointervention (actively doing diagnostic and or therapeutic Neurointerventional procedures).   

Applications for “Full Membership” shall be seconded by a full member only. The application will be screened by the Executive Committee. Approved applicants will be required to pay membership fees and will enjoy the rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote, to serve on committees, and to hold any position in the society.

B.Associate membership: “Associate Membership” shall be open to:  

    1. Those are in full time practice of any branch of Neurological Sciences.
    2. Registered postgraduate students pursuing their academic activities in the specialty of neurology or allied specialties.

Associate members shall be proposed and seconded by full members only. The application will be screened by executive committee and admitted as associate member if applicant fulfils the criteria.

Associate members would take part in all activities of the society by presentation of papers at the meeting, participation in discussions, or in publication of papers in the journal of society etc. and shall have all the privileged of membership, except that they shall not have the voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold any office of the society.

C.Honorary membership: The society shall maintain a “Honorary Membership” to be designated to:

    1. Any senior neurologist who have outstanding contribution in either in the field of Neurology of who have facilitated the field of Neurointervention at home or abroad.

Nomination for Honorary Membership can be made in writing by any full member to the Secretary General. Conferment of membership will be proposed by the Executive Committee at a General Assembly and must be confirmed by a simple majority of voting members. Honorary members will have all the rights and privileges of full membership of the Federation

  1. a)   i)the subscriptions from full Members shall be BDT. 1000/-per year, Associate members BDT 500/- per year.
  2. ii)The subscriptions for full members (residing abroad shall be USD 100/- per year or equivalent in foreign exchange. Associate Members (residing abroad) – USD 50/- per year
  3. b)The general body reserves the right to re-fix subscriptions from time to time.
  4. c)  (i)Members who have not paid their dues for one year would loose their  voting right as well as the right to receive the ‘journal’.

     (ii) Members who have not paid their dues for two years would be sent a registered – Acknowledgement due- notice by the treasurer of the society giving them one month to clear all the outstanding dues. A similar notice will also be published in the ‘Newsletter’. Non-payment of dues for two years would result in removal of the member’s name from the rolls after such notices.

     (iii) Members whose names have been erased from the rolls of the society will be re-admitted only after receiving the prescribed application form and the admission fee.

Organizing Fellowship in Neurointervention and fellowship criteria
  1. The society will take necessary steps to organize fellowship training in Neurointervention in Bangladesh in collaboration with International faculties and reputed Universities.
  2. The society will ensure that the standard of training is properly maintained and the certification will be by the both local institution and foreign Universities.
  • The society will communicate with international faculties and foster the training of its members who are interested in fellowship training at abroad along with the financial support.
The officers of the society shall be-
  1. The President
  2. The Vice President
  3. The General Secretary
  4. The Treasurer
  5. The Joint Secretary
  6. The Organizing Secretary
  7. The Publication Secretary
  8. The International Affairs Secretary
  9. The Office Secretary  
  10. Members
The Executive Committee shall consist of 15 members
  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Joint Secretary
  • Organizing Secretary
  • Publication Secretary
  • International Affairs Secretary
  • Office Secretary  
  • Immediate past president and General secretary
  • Four full members

*The duration of office of members would be 2 years.

  1. a) Those neurologist members who have been Presidents of SNB will be the Founding Fellows of the society. Neurologists who were founding members of the SNB will be the Patrons of the society. Patrons and founding fellows of the Society will not be eligible for holding any other office of the Society.
  2. b) The term of President and vice president will be two years and thereafter shall be eligible for re-election for one more term only.
  3. c)  The Secretary and the treasure shall remain in office for two years and thereafter shall be eligible for re-election for one more term only.
  4. d)  The office bearers and members of the Executive committee shall be elected by   ‘ballot’ prior to the annual meeting of the Academy with the following time schedule and code of conduct:
  5. Notification of vacancies and invitation of nominations by the secretary at least two months before election.
  6. Nomination papers, duly proposed and seconded, to be received within 4 weeks from the date of issue of notice inviting nominations. This will be accompanied by a ‘no objection certificate’ and a brief bio-data of the proposed candidate.
  7. Withdrawals, if any, to be intimated within 3 weeks from the date of intimation of acceptance of the nomination papers.
  8. The Secretary will send a brief bio-data of each candidate along with the ballot papers.
  9. Ballot papers to be returned within 3 weeks form the date of dispatch from the secretary’s office.
  10. Candidates seeking election for any post shall not canvass support by issuing an appeal soliciting votes or casting aspersions on a candidate or by collecting votes personally.
  11. Complaints, if any, about canvassing or malpractices should be made by the complainant in writing to the secretary of the society and the following methods be used. The ballot papers to be sent under certificate of posting to members eligible for voting on due dates. The ballot paper is returned in a double envelope. The outer envelope of which would be used for putting the signature and full name of the voter in block letter, which would be posted by the voter after putting the inner envelope unsigned and containing the ballot paper. This double envelope would be returned by the voter to the secretary on or before the due dates preferably under registered cover to ensure safe delivery. The counting of the votes will be supervised by the Nomination Committee in the presence of the Secretary. The election results would be declared by the Secretary at the Executive Committee and General Body meetings.
  12. e)        The editor of the journal of society shall be elected for six years and would be eligible for re-election.
  1. The Treasurer shall operate the funds of the society. The society bank account should be operated with at least two signatory; the treasurer and the president/ general secretary.
  2. The funds of the journal of the society shall be operated by the publication secretary.
  3. The Executive Committee shall transact all business of the society.
  4. The Executive Committee shall be assisted by the following committees:
  5. Constitution and Bye Laws Committee- 3 members (one to serve as chairman) to be nominated by Nominating Committee, which must be ratified by the Executive Committee. The members will serve on it for 2 years and can be re-nominated. The function of this Committee will be to bring / propose any changes in the constitution or bye- laws, which need to be ratified by Executive Committee & General Body.
  6. Finance Committee – 3 members (one as chairman) to be nominated by the Nominating Committee and ratified by the Executive Committee. Serve for 2 years but can be re-nominated. This committee will guide the Treasurer in the matters of finance such as raising of subscriptions, accepting of gifts or endowments etc.
  7. Nominating Committee – 5 members (one as Chairman). Serve for 2 years and may be re-nominated. Chairman & members of this committee will be nominated by the Executive Committee.
  8. Publication Committee- 3 members (one as Chairman). Serve for 2 years but can be re-nominated. They are to recommend all matters pertaining to the any types of publication in neurosciences such as journal of the society, any Books, monograms, proceedings etc.
  9. Education Committee- 3 members (one as Chairman). Serve for 2 years but can be re-nominated. Screen CME programmes, symposia & workshops etc., which are to be conducted under the banner of the society.
  1. There shall be at least one annual meeting of the society every year ordinarily in the 3 rd week of September. This meeting shall comprise of: – (1) Scientific sessions; and (2) business and Administrative Meetings.
  2. The Scientific Sessions would be open not only to all categories of members of the society, but to others, including practitioners and students of the medical sciences. Besides the presentation of papers the society shall try to organize special lectures/ seminars according to the decision of the General Body of the previous year.
  3. Abstracts of all papers for presentation at the Annual Meeting should reach the Secretary, BSSNI before 31st May of the year in which the meeting is to be held. In case the conference dates are altered the secretary will inform the members by post or through the Bulletin of the society. The abstracts of papers to be presented at the Annual Meeting should be between 150-200 words, and should comprehensively delaminate the subject matter of presentation comprising Aims, methodology and conclusions.
  4. Each delegate to the Annual Meeting shall ordinarily be allowed to present only one paper.
  5. The Business and Administrative Meetings of the society shall consist of (1) a general Body Meeting at which all members are expected to be present; and (2) an Executive Committee meeting. The later shall meet before and if necessary, after the General Body Meeting.
  6. The society shall encourage local meetings of neurological interest in different centers of the country.



The audited accounts of the society will be submitted by the Treasurer of the society to the Executive Committee during the Annual meeting. The account will be opened by signatory of the President, General Secretary and the Treasurer of the society. The fund may be withdrawn from the account by signature of any two of the above mentioned signing authority. The account must be audited every year. The audited accounts of the journal will be submitted to the Executive Committee by the Publication secretary. Both should appoint Official Auditors on annual contract bases, which should be got approved by the Executive Committee.

The financial year of the society and journal (Neurointerventional Journal) accounts shall be from 1st July to 30th June. The membership will be conducted from 1st January to 31st December for the purpose of Annual subscriptions.

Amendments to constitution

Any proposal for amendments to the Constitution and Bye-laws shall be submitted to the Secretary at least 6 months before the General Body meeting, and the Secretary shall forward a copy of the same to the constitution and Bye-laws Committee will be forwarded to every member of the society at least one month before the next General body meeting. The Secretary shall then present the opinions on proposal communicated to him in writing by members in absentia. A final count shall be made of the votes and the proposals. He amendments shall be accepted only if 2/3rd of those who have voted (either in person or in absentia) are in favor of such amendment of proposal. Those who have not been present in person and who have also not communicated their opinion on the proposals to the secretary before the meting shall be taken to abide by the majority decision as arrived at above.

The BSSNI shall be affiliated

The BSSNI shall be affiliated to international bodies of subsections created under Para 10 and other such International bodies as decided from time to time by the Executive Committee of the society. The affiliation fees of these International Bodies will be paid from the society’s accounts by the Treasurer of the society.

The Secretary

The Secretary, BSSNI would be responsible for acting legally, for and on behalf of the society.

  1. a)      The journal of the society will be named Bangladesh Journal of Neurointerventionand this shall be the official organ of the BSSNI. There shall ordinarily be three issues of the journal per year. 
  2. b)      The Editorial Board shall consist of an Editor along with an Advisory Board whose members should be from amongst the members of the society and should represent various aspects of Neurological disciplines. The editor is authorized to nominate members to the Advisory Board.
  3. c)      As and when a paper is received by the Editor, he/she shall scrutinize it and submit it to at least two other members of the Editorial Board, inviting his/her critical and confidential comments on it.

The Editor may send the manuscripts to any member of the society or to a renowned neuroscientist of repute in Bangladesh or abroad for editorial comments even if such a person is not a member of the society.

If one of the reviewers recommends publication and the other does not, the Editor shall refer the paper to 3rd referee for his independent opinion.

In the event of modifications or alteration being suggested by one or both reviewers, the appropriate unsigned comments on the paper shall be communicated by the Editor to the author will be infirmed accordingly by the Editor.

Dissolution of Academy

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the society here remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property / funds whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution / Society/ Association / Academy having objects similar to the objects of the Society to determined by the members of the Society at or before the time of dissolution.