Managment of Acute Stroke Patients in Covid-19 Era

Webinar Report: 1st Webinar, Neurointervention Series.
Managment of Acute Stroke Patients in Covid-19 Era

A webinar on the Management of Acute Stroke in Covid-19 era was held on 21st May, 2020 which was jointly organized by Bangladesh Society of
Neurointervention (BSSNI)
and Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd in collaboration with Stroke and Neurointervention Foundation (SNIF). We were very fortunate to have Prof. Dr. Shakir Husain Hakim, Consultant and Deputy Head-Interventional Neuroradiology and Co-director, International Fellowship Program, Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland and Chairman, Stroke and Neurointervention Foundation (SNIF), India as the key note speaker for the program. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr Sharif Uddin Khan, President (BSSNI) and moderated by Dr. A T M hasibul Hasan, EC member (BSSNI) from Bangladesh. At first, Prof. Sharif Uddin Khan welcomed all the particpants of the seminar. This truly became a regional seminar with participation of fellows and trainees from Indonesia, India and Bangladesh. Dr. Fritz S. Usman, Dr. Achmad F. Sani, Dr. Hermato, Dr. Yuwono , Dr. Yovita, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Tommy RS, Dr. Tri, Dr. Riri S and many others joined from Indonesia. Dr. Goutam, Dr. Santosh, Dr. Selvin and many more got connected from India. In addition to the members of BSSNI many residents and trainees participated from Bangladesh. It was a lively session with more than 60 participants

The webinar had two sessions. Initially Prof. Shakir Husain discussed about the theoretical perspective conceptual aspects of acute stroke management in the light of the current available evidence from different clinical trials and scientific studies. In his discussion Prof. Shakir Husain very easily summerized all the
available options starting from medical management to the pharmacological and procedural interventions. He has very effectively summerized the current recommendations and working guidelines for managing acute stroke cases. He did put special emphasis on how to manage stroke patients in resource constrain settings and the cost effective strategies to combat this acute
emergency. In the second-part of the sessions, Prof. Husain showed different cases of acute stroke. There was an active discussion about the strategies of management in each individual case. There were also several questioned put forward by the participants to clear their doubts. The webinar helped all participants in the seminar in updating their knowledge on current stroke practices. Everyone got chance not only to update their knowledge but also share experiences through discussion. Prof. Shakir Husain concluded with thanking everyone specially BSSNI for taking the initiative. Finally, the
seminar ended with vote of thanks from Dr. Aminur Rahman, Scientific secretary, BSSNI